API Information

FIRST Tech Challenge offers an API (application programming interface) that allows members of the community to access large amounts of event and team data. This data includes things such as match results, team names, award winners and district rankings.

We encourage the use of our API both as a learning tool, and as a way for others to build applications that may be more specific to their use case than what FIRST is able to provide. The API is free to use, and available to all teams, volunteers and anyone interested in seeing what they can do!

We ask that developers who utilize data from our API please include a link back to this page (https://frc-events.firstinspires.org/services/API) on pages or applications that include our data. For instance, on the footer of a webpage (that displays data captured and/or derived from the API) or in the "About" page of an application published publicly. This will help educate other users on where they can gain access to the data.

The data from this API may not be used for commercial purposes. There can be no financial gain from acquiring an access token.

When you make a request from our API, it will require a username and token. Tokens are distributed by our automated system, and you can initiate this process by clicking the registration link below.