Team 18227 - Area 52

Team 18227 has been competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge for 3 seasons, and a total of 23 official events since 2019. They were a rookie (and began competing) in 2020 and remain active as of the current season, 2023-2024

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Year Event
2023 FiT-North The Screammage
FiT-North T-League Meet 1
FiT-North T-League Meet 2
FiT-North T-League Meet 3
FiT-North B&T Tournament
2022 TX-North The Screamage
TX-North T-League Meet 1
TX-North T-League Meet 2
TX-North T-League Meet 3
TX-North B&T Tournament
TX-North Regional Championship
FIRST in Texas FTC State Championship
FIRST in Texas FTC State Championship - Nikola Te...
2021 TX-North Fall Qualifier #2
TX-North Spring Qualifier #5
Texas-North Regional Championship
TX-North Summer Cup
2020 TX FTC North Peace, Love, and Robots Scrimmage
TX FTC North Aledo Qualifier #3 REMOTE
TX FTC North Hedrick May Day Mech Madness #10 HYB...
TX FTC North Regional Championship REMOTE
TX FTC State Championship HYBRID
TX FTC State Championship HYBRID - Longhorn Divis...