Event Information

Event Information
Basic information about the Kent State University Qualifier can be found in the chart below. All times and dates displayed here, and on the event's individual result pages, are local to the event.

Event Code 2019OHQ2
Live Stream URL
Dates Event Complete (Week 22 since kickoff)
Saturday, February 1 to Saturday, 01 February 2020
Venue Kent State University Student Center Ballroom
1075 Risman Dr.
Kent, OH USA
Region Ohio
Event Results
View official results from this event using either the buttons on the top of the screen, or below. In most cases, event results data is updated live throughout the event.

Participating Teams 24
Number Name
5437 WRAptors - Slice
6184 MHS Tech Club
6418 NDCL Robotics
7324 Oxymorons
7601 Skynet
8120 Electric Hornets
8497 Team Dysfunctional
8581 Ædificatores
10211 Team Hercules
10237 US Robotics
12013 RoboBacon
12569 STEMstangs
12587 Newbury Black Knights
12668 BlueJays
13020 Golden Tiercelet
13102 Undefined
14518 RoboVikes
14580 Event Horizon
14970 Lake Robotix
16231 The Thunder Bots
16628 Robotic Rebels
17246 Cyborg Puppies
17440 Tech Support
17473 Steel Warriors
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