Event Information

Event Information
Basic information about the Thales Academy Rolesville QT can be found in the chart below. All times and dates displayed here and on the event's individual result pages are local to the event.

Event Code 63709246490.0366
Dates Event Complete (Week 22 since kickoff)
Saturday, February 1 to Saturday, 01 February 2020
Venue Thales Academy Rolesville
1201 Granite Falls Blvd
Rolesville, NC USA
Region North Carolina
Event Results
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Participating Teams 14
Number Name
2827 Artificial Stupidity
3916 Apex Robotics
6078 Cut the Red Wire
8947 Techtonics
11424 Thales Academy Knights
12733 NUSA
12828 Critical Overload
13735 ∏∆S (Pirates) FTC
13883 The Razzle Dazzle of Fantazzmagazzles
14163 The Pitt Crew
16563 Dreaded Dragon Droids of Steel
17373 Goin Krazy
17780 WheelieBots
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