Event Information

Event Information
Basic information about the TX-North Spring Qualifier #3a can be found in the chart below. All times and dates displayed here and on the event's individual result pages are local to the event.

Dates Event Complete (Week 19 since kickoff)
Saturday, January 29 to Saturday, 29 January 2022
Venue Ford Middle School
630 Park Pl Dr #630, Allen, TX 75002
Allen, TX USA
Region Texas - North
Event Results
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Participating Teams 23
Number Name
8291 Bulldog Robotics
9010 Robotic Rangers
11339 Williams Warrior Robotics
11425 Murphy Mavbots Robotics Team
12106 Z1pC0de
12900 Quantum Claw
12927 Shepton Robotics
14904 Lakehill Bionicles
15083 TurboBots
15084 Elite Monkeys
15524 Cardinalbots
16405 Federal Bot Institute
16756 Raider Prime
17011 Mercenaries
17338 Murphy Robotics-The Sequel
17802 Logic No Tech
18698 Error 504
19026 Crestbots
20243 Lenticularis
20754 RTB Robotics
20755 Rapid Robotics
20756 Robotic Refugees
20838 Tech No Logic