Event Information

Event Information
Basic information about the San Diego FTC Regional Championship can be found in the chart below. All times and dates displayed here, and on the event's individual result pages, are local to the event.

Event Code CASDCHP
Live Stream URL
Dates Event Complete (Week 26 since kickoff)
Sunday, March 1 to Sunday, 01 March 2020
Venue Francis Parker High School
6501 Linda Vista Rd
San Diego, CA USA
Region California - San Diego
Event Results
View official results from this event using either the buttons on the top of the screen, or below. In most cases, event results data is updated live throughout the event.

Participating Teams 36
Number Name
3712 Purple F.E.A.R. (Fierce Eagle Advanced Robotics)
3848 Shockwave
4216 Rise of Hephaestus
5015 Buffalo Wings
5135 Team Uncopyrightable
7696 Singularity
9049 RoboPuffs
9164 Zorrobots
9261 Level Up
9837 Ravenettes
9892 EngiNERDs
10092 Green.Griffins;
10793 Voltrons
10809 Crow Force
11128 Inspiration
11212 The Clueless
12499 Gear Up
12605 RSF Dark Voyager
12666 Retro
12823 Crescendo
13084 Robot Raiders
13089 E T Brigade
14140 Crash Test
14195 Cerulean Centaurs
14235 Out of Order
14338 CAOS Robotics ("Chaos")
14496 Roboctopi
14535 Alpacas
14564 Fast and Curious
15000 LMS BroncoBots
15146 GarageBot
15171 Scorpio
16105 Darkness Rising
16589 "Keep It Simple"
16884 Mechanical Advantage
17702 Transcendence
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