Event Information

Event Information
Basic information about the IA Geothermal_Meet_2022-12-16 can be found in the chart below. All times and dates displayed here and on the event's individual result pages are local to the event.

Event Code USIAGEM5
Dates Event Complete (Week 14 since kickoff)
Friday, December 16 to Friday, 16 December 2022
Venue Linn-Mar High School
South Commons
Marion, IA USA
Region Iowa
League Geothermal
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League Rankings
This event is part of the Geothermal League. Teams are ranked by their cumulative performance at all league events they participate in.
Participating Teams 15
Number Name
4150 Dark Matter
4156 RoboCats Red
4175 MechaMETROzilla
5913 Drop It Like It's Bot
6458 Burgbots
7110 The Element of Surprise
7130 Royal Robots
8732 Thunderbotz
9988 Taft Robotics
10107 ALoTO
10110 Pixel Knights
11418 Clipper RoBoats
13352 Rosie's Riveters
20307 Clipper Krakens
21495 Forbidden Waffles
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