Event Information

Event Information
Basic information about the Gibraltar FTC Spring Showdown can be found in the chart below. All times and dates displayed here and on the event's individual result pages are local to the event.

Dates Event Complete (Week 34 since kickoff)
Friday, May 5 to Saturday, 06 May 2023
Venue Carlson High School
30550 W Jefferson Avenue
Gibraltar, MI USA
Region Michigan - FiM
Event Results
View official results from this event using either the buttons on the top of the screen, or below. In most cases, event results data is updated live throughout the event.
Participating Teams 28
Number Name
8482 Robobucs
8487 Robo Toasters Orange
8987 Robobucs
10210 Aztechs
11520 Omegabots 11520
12294 Terror Hawks
12303 Hacker Hawks
12379 Rockwood Rancor
12459 Gibraltar Jedi
12549 Robo Rebels 12549
13019 Platinum Panthers 13019
13684 Infinity Tech
13996 DIA
14003 The Sampson Webber Sampson-ites
14771 Robo Gators
14773 Old Redford Academy Middle School
15719 Blazin Bots
15809 Cobalt Clippers
18474 The Robotic Bulldogs
18989 Tech Titans
20282 Marion Law Academy
20682 Flying Falcons
22235 Merit 22235
22395 Fort Gratiot Lumberjacks
22415 Robo Toasters Blue
22600 Fulton Middle School
22602 Central Cyber Cougars
22886 Warner FTC Team
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