Event Information

Event Information
Basic information about the NY-NYC Qualifier 6 can be found in the chart below. All times and dates displayed here and on the event's individual result pages are local to the event.

Live Stream URL https://www.youtube.com/@nycfirstfirsttechchallenge8298/streams
Dates Event Complete (Week 21 since kickoff)
Saturday, January 27 to Saturday, 27 January 2024
94-06 104th street Queens NY
Queens, NY USA
Region New York - NYC
Advancement 8 teams advance to NY-NYC Super Qualfiers 1
Event Results
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Participating Teams 29
Number Name
3922 Modibot
4174 Atomic Theory
4780 Robolution
4782 The Super Troublemakers
4783 Dynamic
8500 The Generals
9372 Standard Model
10539 Ultro
12282 Cyberdogs
14212 Metrobotics
14413 Trinity Tigers
14639 B3VR
14734 Envirobots
16622 KIPPNYC Bulldogs
17126 Natural Selection
19426 QHSS Cardinal Robotics
20233 Blazing Bluebots
20712 Kenny Donuts
21690 Power Up
22205 HellCats
22335 Polymorphism
22359 Overclock
22518 The Quackers
23403 C{}de C<>nduct<>rs
23463 SITHS Mercury
23915 Frederick Douglass Academy II
24047 Roboctopus
24096 2 Train Robotics
24661 RoHawklings
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