Team 10435 - Circuit Breakers

Team 10435 has been competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge for 8 seasons, and a total of 39 official events since 2019. They were a rookie (and began competing) in 2015 and remain active as of the current season, 2023-2024

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Year Event
2023 IA Pollock_2023-11-04
IA Pollock_2023-11-18
IA Pollock_2023-12-02
IA Pollock_2023-12-16
IA Pollock_2024-01-13
IA Jackson Pollock League Tournament
2022 IA Solar_Meet_2022-11-12
IA Solar_Meet_2022-11-19
IA Solar_Meet_2022-12-03
IA Solar_Meet_2022-12-17
IA Solar_Meet_2023-01-07
IA Solar League Tournament
IA Central Iowa Super Qualifier
Iowa Championship
Iowa Championship - Gold Division
2021 IA Green_2021_11_06
IA Green_2021_11_20
IA Green_2021_12_04_AM
IA Green_2021_12_18
IA Green_2022_01_08
IA Nevada League Tournament
IA Central Iowa
Iowa Regional Championship
Iowa Regional Championship - Black Division
2020 IA FTC Scrimmage #1 REMOTE
IA FTC League Meet #1 REMOTE
IA FTC League Meet #3 REMOTE
IA FTC League Meet #7 REMOTE
IA FTC League Meet #8 REMOTE
IA FTC League Tournament Norwalk #2 REMOTE
IA FTC Super Qualifier #1 REMOTE
IA FTC Championship Tournament REMOTE
2019 Batuu_2019_11_9_Meet3
Super Qualifier: Johnston
Iowa Championship
Iowa Championship GOLD